What an interactive and informative book this is. I wanted to finish reading it so I didn’t do all the suggested activities, but those I did were very neat and useful. IT is an authentic way to learn…read a little and do a little and then PLAY.`
The statements, “Our focus should always be on what we can do with the tool. Tools should be used to serve the learning” ( ch. 5, p.g.2)  are very powerful statements suggesting that ‘teachers’ more than ever have to be on top of their game ready to set up unique and enriching learning experiences. Yes they need us, but they need us to be learning with them which is stated many times. All part of the package in life long learning. Modeling it to the students shows it is important and needed to be informed. I like the concept of Delicious and Diigo and can see how they would be useful tools as exploration is taking place.
I guess the one factor that resonnates with me throughout this book is that technology is more than just acquiring and accessing information when one wants to learn something or retriveve information. It is about participating and collaborating to share, establish relationships and learn from others where sometimes it may have been impossible to set up. Building up a network with many facets to do many things with a lot of people. Diversity at its best.
Chapter 5 really drives home the fact that schools have the capability to set up blogs that provide a forum for all interested parties in education.One can see how parents can stay linked and informed to the school while providing some imput and actually having a voice. The ideas of podcasts has endless possibilities and the fact that it can be downloaded and listened to when time permits is beneficial to teachers, students and parents. Nothing like killing two birds with one stone…going for a walk and listening to ipod OR driving and lsitening. Fits into the busy life scheme nicely.

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