Annotated Bibliography

ED 626

Catherine Stephenson


Source of Reference

  2. .

Great short video clips to use for basic intro to social media. Short and concise. Great for staff introductions when introducing social media uses to teachers, students and parents


A support page that explains basic social media such as wiki and has options to become a site member.


Video Clips: one on the history of technology and the other on how to use technology in the classroom. These could be useful in gaining support and momentum for moving forward.


A Short clip of ‘Did You Know’ facts about technology. These could be used in a sequence with others at initial stages of technology implementation.


A video clip explaining how to use a clicker in the classroom (a responsive and interactive device used by students. J


A short article that explains what  BYOD to school is about with rationale.


Another short article on mobile learning that would be a quick read in a staff meeting or PD session.


 A CNN Report on technology use in the classroom. Good for reference all around


 So Many Devices, So Little Use

A good short article that looks at technology and how observing classrooms can indicate what and how technology is being used. It discusses about getting a feeling by doing a snapshot of the classroom. (Sounds like a Walk Thru’ Visit we do in our schools)


A good example for sharing what a blogspot could develop into over  time. It is  awesome for vision of what is possibly on the horizon. A great model.

13. ‘From Silos to Systems: Reframing Schools for Success – Kilgore and Reynolds

A great easy but inspiring read on how the barriers within the school system have to be broken down. Great for a book study!’

“The book also includes current research on developing a positive school climate, improving professional learning opportunities, utilizing data analysis to identify and resolve instructional and behavioral issues, and the effective use of technology in schools.” (Back Cover)

14. ‘Switch: How to Change things when change is hard – Chip and Dan Heath

This is an awesome book for inspiring change and has practical and relevant explanations. It puts the change process into perspective and makes you think things through. Great read and quite relevant

15. 21st Century Skills – Trilling and Fadel – A book that bases the changes needed in this century to current research and prominent authors and researchers. Something that can be used as a point of reference in many areas of education.


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