It is truly amazing just how much I have learned in the last two weeks. Embarking on the course I was anxious and very nervous, as I always felt ‘behind the eight ball.’ I second guessed everything and spent hours sometimes just looking around ( and panicking that I would never be able to keep all of this straight.) Then I just decided to embrace it with I CAN DO THIS. Although things are still a little murky, I feel that I put together a great Action Plan that I can actually use starting my new job in the fall. What a way to make an entry! Ha! It will either make or break me! I really think that this can be done so it puts a sense of authenticity to what I have done. That sweetens the deal for sure!  Always more to learn! Have the rest of the summer to play and go back to that great book THE CONNECTED EDUCATOR. It is a step by step book that guides, informs and challenges you to try things and make some connections to real life. And it works!

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