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Becoming a Techie!!

It has been a roller coaster of a ride getting acquainted with technology in depth that I am definitely not used to, nor comfortable with at this point but I am making slow progression

After reading ‘Education and Technology’ I seem to have a better grasp on the struggles of technology being fused into the education system. As stated many times througout the book it is evident that changes to our educational system are badly needed and technology may be a good excuse as any to start the ball rolling. It ruffled my feathers a bit to read about replacing the teacher, although I agree that teaching has transformed into a more scientific job, searching, researching and probing into processes to find best fits for children, These fits are not only based on needs but on interests. We would be better served to be labelled as facilitators setting up opportunities for learning through exploration. I often compare to the age group that I am with and it is a bit more cut and dry as there are foundational things that have to happen in the early years to ensure success as they move along up the ladder and through the system (s). We do need to adjust and give choice and I related and recounted today the works of Keiran Eagan who talks about Learning in Depth as a thorough pedagogical practice enabling children to build, explore, relate and integrate through something of interest. With the end in mind they would be experts by the time they graduate and have a strong portfolio in that given area. IMAGINE!!

As I begin the Connected Educator it is neat to do the activities and actually feel ‘Connected’ to the book. I have just started it so I will post more later. I did do the google map activity and by a glance it was awesome to see the varied educators around the world linked by a dot and a few comments. Where will that lead???


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